What is POW-R Club?

POW-R Sertoma Club members have the opportunity to take on volunteer responsibilities and leadership roles that have helped less fortunate people within the Southland area.

Members of the POW-R Sertoma Club have played key leadership roles as board members of the Sertoma Centre, Inc. where they set and review policies and processes, approve annual budgets, and hire and review the Sertoma Centre’s executive director. Since the creation of The Sertoma Centre, members of the POW-R Club have been in executive positions on the Sertoma Centre board.

POW-R Sertoma Club members have held many distinguished positions in the Sertoma Inc. organization. Dick Lombard was the District Governor and Orlando Benetti has served as district governor twice. Art Katzmann is former president of Sertoma Speech and Hearing Center Board. Tom Siedis has also been a member of that board.

The honorable Lester McCurrie, now retired, has served on the bench for many years. He also continually advises the Club on legal matters. Frank Tomecek served as president of the Sertoma Centre for 14 years. The current president is POW-R Club member Robert Straz. Bob is also the mayor of Palos Heights. Most POW-R Sertoma Club members participate in club leadership positions and it’s not all work. POW-R Sertoma Club consists of a strong blend of people from all walks of life with varied vocations, personalities and age. However, we all have one thing in common: we all enjoy the fellowship that being a member of the POW-R Sertoma Club brings. Through our self-catered meetings at the Sertoma Centre, dinner meetings at local restaurants, seasonal parties, fund raising activities, and family socials, members have the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships.